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Welcome to Spring Valley's prayer wall.  We  consider it an honor and privilege to pray with you and for you about the important matters in your life.  You are welcome to share your prayers and praises with the community, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer with the church staff only, or pray for other prayers on this page.  We are all a community, nobody prays alone.  We also believe in celebrating what God has done in your life!  Please share your prayers, praises, and prayer requests here with us.


Church, Praise: I just heard from my director today. I have been approved to become a "home based" employee, starting October 1st 2021. ...which means that I will not just keep my job, I will continue to work from home, I will keep my benefits, we will continue to be close to the family, and the whole family will continue to be part of the church community. Praised be to God, and thank you, prayer team, for your prayers. Alex


Heavenly Father, I rebuke every demon that has attacked our spouses Mike Chana and James. I cast them out in Jesus name. Devil you cannot have our spouses!!! You cannot destroy our marriages. Right now I command you to leave Mike, leave Chana, Leave James in the name of Jesus! You have caused our spouses unforgiveness and bitterness but I cast these evil, foul spirits, OUT of them and send them back to the sender in the name of Jesus. I cover our spouses Chana Mike and James with the precious blood of Jesus which is too dangerous for you to touch. I declare them released -set free in Jesus name. You have lost devil and they are free in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for your marriage promises to keep what was joined together intact. May you bless mary, John and Melissa with an overflow of faith, strength and patience while they await our spouses return to our marriages. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.


Father my spouse, mike, is being attacked by demons. The words coming from his mouth are not him. I’m praying you will rebuke and remove any and all dark, demonic spirits, footholds and strongholds that are keeping mike in sin. Lord, I am asking you to surround Mike with an army of angels to guard him and protect him against the enemy. Satan you cannot have Mike! Satan you cannot have our marriage our children or me! I’m rebuking you Devil! GET BEHIND ME and away from mike my family and me. Heavenly Father Save Mike! Bring him to salvation Lord! Fill him with your love, mercy and the Holy Ghost! Jesus place a thick hedge of thorns around mike to prevent him from committing adultery or doing anything to harm our heavenly covenant. Deliver mike from the enemy and return him to you! Protect my family while you work in all our lives! Make me a faithful warrior by strengthening my faith and standing position . I love you Lord- Mike needs you Now. My children need you now - I need your blessings, your mercy and deliverance now! In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.


God thank you for keeping your promises! You said you hate divorce! You said what was joined together shall not be broken! We are 1 flesh and I thank you for your unfailing word that you will give us the desires of our heart! Thank you Jesus for restoring James chana mike to us and for changing their hearts to meet our emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Thank you for answering our prayers! Having mercy and grace and for making our restored marriages stronger than ever! I will share my testimony as thanks to others who are struggling because I could not have ever imagined the blessings you have given me! You are amazing and I thank you God for making my marriage and family whole! In Jesus name thank you!


- [x] Lord today I ask that you bless John, Mary & Melissa with the returning of their spouses who are away. Give each of them the desire to serve you and to return to John, Mary & Melissa repented and ready to reunite their marriages and families. I ask you Lord to break all of the satanic strongholds that have our spouses chained, bound and contained. Let their strongholds be broken- right now, freeing them from the clutches of the enemy! Set James, Mike & Chana free from the enemy and his agents. Set their eyes on you Lord. Please surround James, mike & chana with a hedge of thorns to protect them from sin, and unfaithfulness against their marriages. Foul spirits of divorce, separation and adultery, I command you to leave James, Mike & Chana immediately! Satan you cannot have our spouses! Jesus please protect our spouses from injury, destructive behavioror death too. Father I ask that you would bless Mary, John & Melissa for their faithfulness and strengthen them as they await restoration of their families and marriages offering them love & patience during their individual stands. in the name of Jesus- Amen..

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