There are many reasons that new churches begin. Some begin because people are unhappy where they are and leave together as a group to start a new work.  Some begin because of a desire to compete denominationally in an area for people’ loyalty to a particular ideology.  Spring Valley Church, however, was specifically begun with the express purpose of fulfilling Christ’s Great Commandment and Great Commission.  We are a church, “On Purpose, With a Purpose.”

It all began over 20 years ago in the heart of Rev. Phil Stevenson, then the Senior Pastor of Arcade Wesleyan Church in Sacramento.  As the pastor of an older and established church, Pastor Phil faced the dilemma of limited parking and a land-locked facility.  The idea of relocation seemed inappropriate at the time, so he began investigating other options.  With a strong dedication to “building Christ’s Kingdom, not just the local church,” God led him to the conclusion that Arcade Wesleyan Church would become a launch pad for planting churches, which would in turn plant churches!  Operation Ripple Effect began in 1996.  In the same way in which ripples cover a lake from the place of impact of a stone, Arcade Wesleyan made a commitment to send out people and resources systematically in order to reach an ever-increasing circle of unchurched people throughout Northern California. 

In 1997 Mark and Lori Welch decided to Join the Ripple Team, living in Kalamazoo, MI. at the time. Following a trip to Sacramento and interviews with Pastor Phil and the leaders of the Arcade church, the Welch’s decided to answer God’s call by working through Arcade church to plant a church in Rocklin.  The Welch’s relocated to Rocklin in 1997, and made their home in Stanford Ranch.  Mark spent his first six months on staff at Arcade Wesleyan Church, establishing relationships and recruiting leaders and workers for the new church.  By December 31, 1997, 55 adults and children, over one-tenth of the mother church, had made a one year commitment to this exciting project.

Throughout the winter and early spring of 1998, the dedicated launch team joined efforts with their new pastor in establishing leaders, acquiring a meeting place, gathering equipment, raising funds, developing various ministries including children’s teams, and kicked off a massive promotion campaign to let friends, and neighbors know about this new refreshing church.  Throughout March of 1998, the group met each Sunday for worship at the newfound worship site, Antelope Creek Elementary School.

Spring Valley opened it’s doors to the public on April 5th, 1998, and one of the people in attendance was of course Pastor Phil Stevenson of the Mother Church, and one was a visitor by the name of Bill Wickham, who had traveled from Southern California to introduce his family to this new church.

In 2001, Pastor Phil Stevenson came to Pastor Spring Valley as Mark and Lori Welch sought God for their next church plant decision.  At that time Bill Wickham came on as the Youth Pastor.  In May 2003, Pastor Phil moved on and the church called Bill Wickham who, with the blessing of his wife Lori and their two children Samuel and Rebekah, accepted the call to Pastor Spring Valley Church.

At Spring Valley we are proud of our church plant roots, and in the past few years we have aggressively sought to reproduce our church in other places.  In 2015 we invested our Youth Pastor Johnny Burke and his wife Chelsea to Marysville to relaunch a closing church called New Beginnings.  Thanks to God's Blessing and Johnny's leadership, New Beginnings is now a vibrant, growing church that is greatly impacting the city of Marysville.  In 2016 Don and Andrea Towle were sent to relaunch the closing church in Chester, CA.  The Chester Wesleyan Church has awoken under their leadership and is also a vibrant church in the heart of Chester.

Our biggest church plant endeavor yet, however is in the works currently.  Our faithful Assistant Pastor Liz Martinelli and her husband Bill, along with a faithful launch team are currently holding preview services for a brand new church plant in West Roseville.  This new work called, The HUB Church, began monthly preview services on October 15th, 2017 and will begin weekly public services by March of 2018.

Since it's doors opened in 1998, Spring Valley has continued to fulfill it’s vision through planting the following churches:

          Valley View Church (Lincoln Hills Sun City) in March of 2000

          Helping with the plant of Sunday River Church (Rocklin) in January 2002  [Now called Eleven1 Church]

          Bridge Point Church (El Dorado Hills) in 2003

          New Beginnings Church [restart] (Marysville, CA) in 2015

          Chester Wesleyan Church [restart] (Chester, CA) in 2016

          The Hub Church (Roseville) in March 2018